Don’t Take Your Car

Drive or ride? Dean Raphael makes the choice.

Drive or ride? Dean Raphael makes the choice.

Consider this. Tomorrow morning you walk out of your home to your driveway to jump into your car and drive to work. There’s a police officer standing by your driver door. He explains to you that there’s been a massive legislative change and he can’t let you drive to work today. You ask him why and he tells you that the Australian government just realised that conventional cars are a terrible idea for cities: they run on an expensive, finite resource that contribute to the dramatic climate change which threatens the livelihood of all the world’s citizens, they kill over a million people each year on the world’s roads, and they directly contribute to Australia’s severe obesity epidemic by eliminating exercise from commuting. The police officer apologises for overlooking these flaws for so long and bids you good fortune in the brave new world without privately owned combustion engines.

So you jump on your old bicycle and ride to work. You don’t have to pay for gas or car services or parking. You can even quit the gym; riding to work is all the exercise you need. Your morning commute is now a relaxing, social experience where you can chat to your fellow riders and actually observe the world around you. Your city evolves into an intuitively designed space that serves its people, not its cars. Workplace productivity increases, store sales increase due to increased foot traffic and local economies boom because everybody has all that car money to spend. Or better still, without a car lease you can work less and spend more time on the things you love.

When all of this comes from simply riding your bike to work, you start to live a sexy bike life.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Take Your Car

  1. Having the option to commute to work by bike has saved me thousands of dollars over the last few years (we have more drivers than cars at the house). It’s not only a theoretical thing.

    Nice article, thanks for sharing.


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